Kinetic Art from Bernward Frank

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kinetic Art by Bernward Frank

Wind Zug

Soerser Tal Aachen/DE
The spindle rotates on its base like a train wheels on its rails. The spindle rotates on two aluminium cones so the loss by friction is insignificant. The spindle remains on its circle line just because of the shape of the cones. If there is a tendency to one side, one of the cones rolls over a bigger diameter and the spindle will be guided to the middle again.

See also: kinetic video [11.5 MB] Wasser Zug Essambling in Taiwan

in front of the biggest building in Kaoshiung Taiwan
justating the WindZug
The WindZug in Kerkrade Industrion museum NL
The WindZug in Netherland at the Sea
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