Kinetic Art from Bernward Frank

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kinetic Art by Bernward Frank

Wind Pendel

Stifting Vijversburg/NL
On a axis a disk is centric fixed, but in an angle of 30 degree. Together with a counterweight this system can oscillate. At the right end of the axis for the circular disk a crank is attached. The end of the crank is "grounded" to a linkage. That means: If the fork tilts right, the linkage pushes the crank upward and the disk makes a half rotation. If the fork tilts left, the linkage pulls the crank downward and the disk makes the rest of the hole rotation. In a state of rest the crank stands horizontal and the disk in a favorable initial position. I built this sculpture for the "Art in Motion" (Netherlands).

See also: kinetic video [26.2 MB] Auf Und Ab

First scetch
Artist at work
The penulum in the Workshop
A part of the video.
Wind Penulum in the sculpture park bos van ypeij/NL.
Wind Penulum in the sculpture park bos van ypeij/NL.
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