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kinetic Art by Bernward Frank

Wind Kutsche

5.7 x 5.7 x 3.8 feet Atelier
The WindKutsche resembles a roman chariot. In the stead of a warrior, a tower with a rotor is standing on the axis. The rotation is transmitted by a chain to the head, where an excenter moves a free hanging stick up and down. With the help of this stick the chariot moves stilting against the wind. When the stick has no contact to the ground it is pushed by the wind a little backwards. Than the stick goes down and lifts the head. Now the hole sculpture is standing on the instable stick and two weels. In this way, the sculpture stumbles against the wind.

See also: kinetic video [3.9 MB]

First Sketch of the Wind-Kutsche
First welding works
Transmition to the walk stick.
The transmission of the horicontal rotation of the rotor to a vertical rotation by a bevel gear
First effective test run
The windkutsche at the exhibition Bewegung und Utopie Dresden Germany next to Dali, Panamarenko and Man Ray
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