Kinetic Art from Bernward Frank

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kinetic Art by Bernward Frank


A vehicle is driven by means of a rotor. The rotor is so big, that it screens the whole vehicle. From its central axis an axle protrudes bearing a fin at its end. The fin assures that the object is directed ever against the wind. The whole thing is put on an underlying round pane which is pivoted. Whenever the vehicle is on the verge to fall off the pane, the pane will swerve with the object out of the wind. So far for the scheme. Finally, the rotor was chosen to be somewhat smaller and the pane was slanted for the vehicle's weight to supply swerving impetus. Sisiphus now, as in the myth, is incessantly and vainly climbing uphill.

See also: kinetic video [12.3 MB] Wind Auto

First scetch of the Sisyphus in possession of the gallery 24m2 Aachen Germany
Sculpture in process first version with a half ball rotator
details of the steering from the bottom
The Sisyphos in action on a turn table.
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