Kinetic Art from Bernward Frank

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kinetic Art by Bernward Frank

Magnus Pendel

A red ball is pivoted to the end of a pendulum. The ball is mechancal connected with the pendulum. So the ball sometimes rotates left - sometimes right. The magnus-effect gives the pendulum always an impulse in the correct direction to swing up. The magnus-effect was discovered in 1852 by the German physicist and chemist Heinrich Gustav Magnus. In football, golf and tennis it is helpful for the sportsmen, even if the spinning ball describes a bow in horizontal level. It has been tried once even to drive large sailing boats with enormous rotating cylinders (flettner sail).

First sketch
First assemble - all fits
Looking in the needle where the gear is.
The ball which is rotating when the needle swings
Me and the pendulum, which is very easy because of the counterwight
The windpendulum in the sun set
The windpendulum  at an exhibition in Herzogenrath Germany
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