Kinetic Art from Bernward Frank

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kinetic Art by Bernward Frank

Kipp Zylinder

Hamburger Wasserwerke
This is a rain scene created by use of four shower heads sprinkling a platform. Twelve tubes being fixed on leaden semi-spheres represent twelve skipjacks. As a tube fills with rain it reaches a point where the skipjack topples over, dismisses the water in a gush and stands up again. The tubes have different size and cycle time each. For a long period all tubes may stand still. Then one may fall causing an avalanche. The sculpture is a joint work with Roland Hermanns, who joined also in creating the WasserChaosScheibe.

See also: kinetic video [9.4 MB] Wasser Chaos Scheibe

Nick Cylinder . A Water Sculpture which brings cylinders to nich like a skipjack
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