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kinetic Art by Bernward Frank

Glas Rotor

Privatbesitz Firma Buhlmann/Hilden
The initiation for developing the GlasRotor consists in the existence of a particular kind of glass embedding transparent holograms, my disposal of which was granted by the patent owner for artistic use. The glass, alike a prism, can deflect light and disperse it into the spectral colours. It is used e g to direct scarce evening light into a building, also to protect the inside when light is getting to intensive during midday. At the academy for further education of North Rhine Westfalia at the city of Herne, Germany, this glassware has been used very impressingly.
The slightly bent panes seen in my object here, are used to propel two counterrotating rotors. Superposition of the panes causes a beautiful display of all active colours seen in multiple reflections within the glass and effused in the surrounding landscape. The object received an honorable exposition during a trade fair in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Further information about that particular glassware can be found at GLBau company.

See also: kinetic video [12.5 MB]

Detail of the Gear.
The Glass Rotor in the sculpture park.
The Glass Rotor in the sculpture park.
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