Kinetic Art from Bernward Frank

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kinetic Art by Bernward Frank

Auf Und Ab

2.6 x 2 x 2 feet
At the point of a tared pointer a bar is attached ball bearing spindled. This connecting rod becomes in one point led over the axle of the pointer by a linear bearing. To the connecting rod one is perpendicular Circular disk centrically fastens. These disks lifts and lowers themselves by the turn of the pointer. It adjusted with it in addition, their angle. With a wind from the correct direction leads to an up and down drift that for his part the circulation in course holds.

See also: kinetic video [11.6 MB] Wind Pendel

First scetch of the Up an Down - very close to the final product
Testing of the anchor.
Linear guiding with two belt pulleis
First sucessfull test run with a simple sheet of aluminum
Final Work at the exhibithen \\\'im Wind\\\' in Ahrenshoop Germany
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